real pictures

The film vs digital war still wages, regardless of who’s winning each side still has its stalwarts. Today I met a very old, grumpy man, he asked me as I took photos of his home on my dslr, how I could be happy never having any real photos to take home. I asked him what he meant. He got out his polaroid camera, took a snap of me near the window and gave it to me. “That’s a real photo, there, for you” he said. I tried to explain that my photos were real, I just had a different way of sharing them, even though I can very well see his point of view. What was funny though was later when the discussion was over, I took out my iphone, snapped a shot of my portrait to put on instagram/facebook and he, after a brief explanation of my actions said “well that is clever, it is good your friends will see your picture”…..


One thought on “real pictures

  1. Hi there Julia jane photography,
    I am one of Zoe Larsen-cumming and Sally pritchards closest friends, and I would just like to say these photos look absolutely stunning! I am really interested in photography I do everything I can with the camera, even if it’s just my phone camera! And I love how you have the black and white photos and the colourful photo, it really suits the theme!!!! 😀 and Sally and Zoe look amazing!!!!

    From Matilda Sandell

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