An Exhibition

Getting the website up and running  has been a huge task, so many tiny parts make a whole when starting a website from scratch.  All of that is soon to be forgotten though because it’s up and launched and JULIAJANEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM is born!

To celebrate I would like to share a personal project.  Recently I was commissioned by Lindsay from Belle Epoque Events to create three images for a fundraising event entitled ‘Back From Black’ to be held Friday 26th October.  This week!  This event will raise funds for the Black Dog Institute (more info here  It’s an extremely worthwhile cause and the night should prove a very innovative way of holding a silent auction!

So too the prints!  The brief was to show the evolution from illness, to treatment and then a bright future and with the Black Dog Institute’s focus on family and friends, I chose to show how although you may feel alone, small and sad.  You never are, there are people to help if you look…













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